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Your Protected Pet

Why tattoo your pet?

  • Live better, feel safer
  • Give your pet the best protection you can
  • Tattooing has a documented 99% recovery rate
  • Your pet will have 24-hour VISIBLE protection, giving your loved one the greatest chance of returning home

Did you know?

Over 25 million animals are used each year for laboratory research. These animals come from varying sources including shelters and pound seizures.

Under federal law, laboratories cannot use a tattooed pet.

"TWAS" is my Official Pet Tattooing Mark

If you find any animal with a tattoo beginning with "TWAS" (and usually followed by a number), please contact Tattoo-A-Pet at 1-800-Tattoos
or me at either 206-941-6997 or

Worried about animal theft?

Tattooing is the ONLY proof of ownership that is acceptable in a court of law. The American Kennel Club now requires positive ID -- tattooing is in compliance with American Kennel Club regulations.

Why isn't a microchip enough?

  • There is no single reader that can read all the different types of microchips that are on the market today. If the wrong scanner is used, it won't detect a microchip at all.
  • If someone wanted to steal your pet, it is easy to re-microchip them.
  • Microchips are known to migrate in the animal's body. If the scanner isn't on the site where the microchip lies, it will detect nothing.
  • There are many reports that microchips can cause cancer (fibrosarcoma) at the microchip site.
  • Microchipped pets can still be used in research laboratories.

How does it work?

Each animal is given an individual serial number. The serial number is injected with ink into the inside leg or stomach area of a dog, or inside the ear of the cat. The animal's individual serial number is put into a registry database with the owner's information.

What do I do if my pet goes missing?

The key to reuniting quickly is acting quickly. Your pet's tattoo is a visible marking -- it will make reuniting with your pet much faster. If your animal is missing, promptly call Tattoo-A-Pet at 1-800-Tattoos (1-800-828-8667) with your animal's individual tattoo number. Follow all other guidelines on how to find your missing pet. If your pet is not returned in 7 days, Tattoo-A-Pet will send posters to the police, animal shelters, veterinary offices and pounds in your area.

Missing pet guidelines

  1. Call Tattoo-A-Pet immediately (1-800-828-8667) with your pet's ID number to report your loss.
  2. Telephone all local animal shelters and animal control agencies and file a missing pet report.
  3. Call the police department and file a report. Specify the pet is tattooed.
  4. Make and distribute signs around the area where your pet was last seen. Include a phone number and a photo. Once again indicate a tattooed pet but DO NOT give out the serial number -- it should only be used for positive verification.
  5. If you know of anyone who owns a CB radio, broadcast "lost pet" reports every half-hour during the first day of the loss.
  6. If you have another pet or your dog plays with another dog, walk that animal in the area where you lost your dog. If your missing pet is nearby its friend could lead you to it!
  7. Alert your neighborhood trash collector, postal carrier, newspaper delivery person, UPS etc. Give a good description, hand out flyers with breed size and color, the animal's name, your phone number and mention the pet is tattooed.
  8. Place ads in newspapers. If a reward is offered, do not designate an amount.
  9. Try to visit your local shelters personally -- go every day (don't forget employees are overworked and someone might overlook your pet).
  10. Above all, don't give up hope! Although rare, it's not impossible for a pet to be reunited several weeks or even months after the disappearance.


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