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Featuring Eyebrows & Guybrows


Of all of the facial features of men and women, the eyebrow is the one that plays the most significant role in the way we look. They have the power to transform your entire face. Eyebrows enhance outward attractiveness and play a vital role in nonverbal communication, reflecting inward signs of our emotions such as surprise and happiness.

The perfect-shaped brow will give a well-groomed appearance and will open and accentuate eyes as well as other facial features.

Offering custom options for your unique individual needs and desires. Dedicated to providing professional services that meet or exceed the expectations of each individual's personalized vision.

Arch-Enemies for Both Men and Women

One or any combination of the following is common...

Vanishing Brows
Thinning, sparse brows come with age and they make you look older, tired and washed out.

Loss of Color
White, blonde and gray brows -- from afar they disappear, making your features look unbalanced and alien.

Overgrown Brows
Bushy, unkempt brows can make your eyes look smaller. Long, course hairs that appear with age may make eyelids look droopy and heavy.

Disappearing Tails
The brow can start thinning from the first quarter and out (especially with men). Brows naturally thin at the outer edges (this can also be a result of over plucking). The tail of the brow is what sets off the arch, bringing more emphasis to the eyes and the shape of the face.

Offering Guybrow Grooming

A conservative approach of trimming and plucking to remove excess weight and leave the eyebrow well-groomed without looking overly done.

By removing excess weight, it removes shadow and opens up the eye. This semi-polished look makes the eyes appear younger and gives results that are comparable to an eyelift!

Video: Men's Eyebrow Grooming

Add a Tint!

A color tint can be added to any color eyebrow, and is especially recommended for people with graying, white or light-blonde eyebrow hair. Tints are used to rejuvenate or enhance your natural eyebrow or eyelash color. This procedure is quick, pain-free, lasts up to eight weeks and fades naturally.

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