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Customized Color Rejuvenation for Men & Women by Laurel Leof


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Pre-Procedure Instructions

  • If you wear contact lenses please wear your glasses to your appointment.
  • You may wear your makeup in the in the color you wish it to be applied or bring the makeup color you like or normally use with you.
  • Eat something about 1 hour before your appointment.
  • If you're not allergic, take a Benadryl prior to your appointment.
  • Purchase Arnica (oral version) to cut bruising and swelling.
  • Bring sunglasses.
  • No alcohol the night before.
  • No caffeine before your appointment if possible (3 hours).
  • You will have a 7-day recovery time. Please follow all after-care information provided.
  • If you have questions or concerns please contact me.
  • Ask about the eyebrow special when you do the procedure the same day as your eyeliner.
  • If you're trying to book an appointment please let me know if you intend to add another service so we can book enough time for perfection!
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon!

After-Care Instructions for Your 7-Day Recovery

Avoid the Following:

  • Sun (including sun tanning)
  • Swimming pools (chlorine)
  • Ocean (salt water)
  • Excessively hot showers
  • Steam rooms


  • Makeup in the affected area (mascara, eye shadow, etc.)
  • Other products, especially anything with Retinol or acids of any kind


  • Wear dark sunglasses
  • Big brimmed hat
  • Take Arnica pills until all swelling or bruising is gone
  • Don't try to pick off or rub off "scabs"
  • Use thin amounts of Vaseline as needed (3 times a day)

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